church without religion?

Yes, we maintain an unwavering focus on relationship with Jesus Christ, not legalistic, religious rules.

We are a Christ-centered, non-denominational Bible church that has resided on the high plains of West Texas since 1949. Perhaps we are best known for our Bible teaching, as our lead pastor Dr. Andrew Farley is the best-selling author of The Naked Gospel and the host of a live, call-in counseling and teaching program that airs nationwide on Sirius XM. In addition, our worship music produced by Joshua Parker Sills and Jay Lemon is both original and extraordinary.

Whether it's a Sunday morning series, our music, our home groups, or our youth and children's programs, our message is simple and straightforward: 
Jesus plus nothing.

If you would like to watch a live stream of our Sunday morning service, you can do so right here at 10:30am CST (for music) and 11:00am CST (for sermon) simply by clicking on the Ustream window below. To visit our video archive of Sunday morning messages, simply click on the word USTREAM at the bottom of the viewing window below.